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Javascript output to a rate.

Question asked by Jonathan.Lapuz on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2013 by KPalmer
I want to set one of my alerts to evaluate a meric with a 6 minute resolution and averge the points within that window. Documentation states that this is possible when the metric is a rate and not a counter. If its a counter it only evaluates the last value in the time window. Since the output is from one of my Javascript collectors I'm guessing I can control this. What type should I set me output too?

kDefaultFrequency - is used as input to the frequency argument of the addMetric() helper function
kIntegerConstant - maps to the integer constant metric type
kIntegerFluctuatingCounter - maps to the integer fluctuating counter metric type
kLongConstant - maps to the long constant metric type
kLongFluctuatingCounter - maps to the long fluctuating counter metric type
kLongTimestamp - maps to the long timestamp metric type
kLongTimestampConstant - maps to the long timestamp constant metric type
kIntegerPercentage - maps to the integer percent metric type
kIntegerDuration - maps to the integer duration metric type
kLongDuration - maps to the long duration metric type \
kLongIntervalCounter - maps to the long interval counter metric type
kStringIndividualEvents - maps to the string metric type

Thanks for the help.