blthContext.getAdministrator().getAttribute() returns only 4 attributes

Discussion created by Sagi_Gabay Employee on Jan 23, 2013
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You might use the getAdministrator(Attribute Name) and will notice it won't work unless you use one of 4 pre-defined attributes. Even when using the enumerateAttributes() you will notice only 4 attributes returned of the administrator object.

The getAdministrator() method is specifically designed to return only these 4 attributes of the administrator which are: DN, Email, full name, User ID.

The reason is that these are the most popular attributes which will be used to identify the administrator, possibly send him an email etc...

Many times this is enough and there's no need to query the administrator's attributes further. However, if in need to query further attributes then you do need to retrieve the entire administrator's object by looking him up via the User DN as you see in my code or the tech doc. Usually there's no need to bring up all the admin's attributes which is why only the popular ones are retrieve to save performance time.

This information is also available as tech doc 585361 on CA's support web site:


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