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anyone monitoring RESTful services?

Question asked by MelissaHubbard1308789 on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by Zokes
I've been playing around with the SOAPerformanceManagement piece of introscope. It looks pretty cool, but unforutnately 90% of our webservices are REST based and it seems SOA pack is for soap. I did speak to CA Support who mentioned support for RESTful services may be included in the next release, but no certainty. So, I'm just curious if there are any others out there that have a nifty solution for monitoring REST based services? I guess I could go out there and create URL groupings for the servers hosting the services, but I kind of like how the SOA powerpack detects the calls coming from "clients" too. I'm in the middleware admin team and also tasked with monitoring the environment, so I don't always know what these apps do/call, so it's nice when the tool "figures it out" for me. :)

I did do a brief search of the community threads and saw a posting from last January for weblogic. We're using WAS and I couldn't find the files attached to the thread to try them out.

Thanks in advance! :)