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Clarity on Ipad

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Jan 24, 2013
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We've recently gotten 13.1 up and running, and due to past rev level compatibility problems with Clarity and Crystal, we are now looking, for the first time, with our own eyes, at interactive (Xcelcius) portlets.

Very cool, but...I see they are based on SWF (Flash) files. OK, this is a tool from SAP, so no whinging at CA, yet.

From the 2010 Iphone thread, there were a number of items identified that won't work on Apple stuff. I'll have to find someone with an Ipad (or get my own!) to test with. We have several directors, that travel a lot, that prefer their Ipads over laptops. Since Apple went to HTML3, dropping all support for Flash, I'm expecting that Xcelcius portlets won't work in Iphone/ipad environments.

Does anyone have any current experience using Clarity 13, on smartphones, tablets, including Apple products? Any word on if/when Xcelcius (now called Crystal Dashboard Design), will drop Flash in favor of HTML5?

Timesheets via VPN/smartphone should be OK. For anything else, expect that a tablet would be needed for any serious Clarity activity.

Read today that even Android has dropped Flash, with latest release of Jelly Bean. (

Adobe has pulled the plug on Flash - everyone is getting out.