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Silent install of mspsetup

Question asked by cwalkerdhcs on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by ginovicente
Hello Everybody,

My organization is in the process of implementing Clarity. My task is to automate the installation through our system management system. I have extracted the MSI's from the mspsetup.exe. This gave me the 2 folders. The SCHEDULE CONNECT part and the PROJECT INTERFACE part. Within PROJECT INTERFACE there are more MSI's. When I extract PROJECT INTERFACE i get CA Clarity PPM Microsoft Project Interface.msi with a system 32 folder and a CA Clarity PPM MSPInterface folder. When I run CA Clarity PPM Microsoft Project Interface.msi silently everything works fine until it gets to the part where it actually installs the Clarity Add-In. It calls up setup.exe which is located within the CA Clarity PPM MSPInterface\addIn folder. When this happens a window pops up displaying "Publisher cannot be verified" and asks the user if they would like to "install" or "don't install". I would like to prevent this window from appearing so that the user doesn't have the option of clicking "don't install". Does anybody know how to accomplish this? Any tips or direction to already posted information would be great. Thanks.