Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day to the Board and Top Posters!

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Jan 28, 2013
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Hello Clarity Community,

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day. This event is held every year in January to recognize the people who make communities thrive. Today I would like to recognize this community's board of directors and some of the top contributors. They work hard to bring the community relevant content during webcasts, represent the needs and concerns of the community back to the CA product teams, answer questions of other members and provide their own "real world" tips and best practices.

Clarity Community Board:

Karen Beaudouin, President
Richard Shapiro, Vice President
Jeffery Bloom, Secretary
Steve VanArsdale, Treasurer
Michael Thibault - Communication Officer
April Cross - Regional Liaison
Rob Ensinger - Enhancement Coordinator

Some of our Top Contributors:

another_martink, Tammi, Michael, Dave, navzjoshi00, nick_darlington, shalinee, gsteudle, sundar, Owen_R, mscann, splogad, chris_shaffer, michal.adamek, tombilcze, Georgy, Connie_Fu, Juan_Ortega, Gurjeet.S, bancogalicia, uruj, Hari.Saligommula, Dale_Stockman, naga_clarity, Rajini, jpereza

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Thank You All!