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Clarity 13 - Start of week = Sun

Question asked by bfarquhar on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by bfarquhar
We are upgrading to Clarity 13 and I'm looking into setting the start of our work week to Sundays everywhere in the application. Historically and out of the box Clarity 13 uses Mondays as the start of the week.... in earlier version (12.x) we were able to change the day in some parts of the application but not all. Currently our weekly time slices are set to start on a Monday.... but the new BO reports require that the week start day be the same in 1. Admin >proj Mgmt- Settings 2. Time Slices 3. Update BO report Tables Job. Currently we have 1 & 3 set to Sunday but weekly Time Slices (2) are still set to Monday. We are considering changing that.

Does anyone know of any adverse impacts to changing the weekly time slices to Sunday in V13 ?

I was also doing some digging around in the application and it looks like there are some Out of the Box portlets with Time Scaled fields that have a weekly start on a Monday. I think these are derived from "Internal" time slices.... Is there a way to change the "Internal Time Slices" to start on Sunday ?

Also, when looking at the DB Calendar tables I have found that in the NBI_DIM_CALENDAR_TIME table the weeks start on a Monday. How do I change this table to be Sunday ?

Are there any other places I should be looking to make sure we are set to Sunday ?
Are there any negative impacts to changing everything to Sunday ? (Keep in mind this is V13 I'm talking about).

Any information people can provide would be much appreciated.