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How to get records with null values to show on a Webi Report?

Question asked by vtleogal2 on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by Gurjeet.S
I would like to know how I can get Webi to show me records that are MISSINg values (i.e. null ) For exmaple

The Resource object is associated to an OBS (custom) that associates that resource to a team.
The resources are "mapped" to an OBS level by selecting an OBS on the resource record.
I would like to run a Webi report to show me the resources that are missing a value in this OBS. Meaning, they have not yet been "mapped"

Right now i just pull all the OBS values (Department, Location and our custom one) and export it to Excel and manually look for the ones missing a value in the custom OBS.
I have tried the "show empty" valus; removed the retrieve duplicate records, tried varioius filters when running the report as well as filters within the report.

Clarity v 12.1 Bus OBj XI 3.1