CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: MS SQL DataBase Language Support

Discussion created by devan05 Employee on Feb 5, 2013
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MS SQL DataBase Language Support Published by Andrew Devine on 05 February 2013

When installing an MSSQL database server you are prompted to set the server’s default language. Subsequently new DB logins will use the database server’s default language unless different language is specified when creating/updating a login.

There is an undocumented prerequisite for users who wish to use the CA (DLP) DataMinder Data Managment Console (DMC). The WgnUser account (or variant account names) must be set to use the default language as language name: us_english (language alias: 'English') as the DMC searches are hard coded to expect the US date formats. If other languages are specified for the WgnUser account the DMC will fail to execute the search.

Note this issue does not effect iConsole users.

In the event that the default server language is set to a language other than "english" the WgnUser account can be modified afterwards, a system admin account such as 'sa' would need to run the following command;