13.0 Sandbox used for University at Buffalo Demo

Discussion created by lyates on Feb 5, 2013
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Good Morning Clarity Comrades,
I just wanted to share, that I successfully used the version 13.0 Sandbox for my high end users. I also used the presentation given by Digital Celebrity from the CA Community Webcast March 2012 as a guide to walk through the differences. I installed OWB 2.0 and imported a template as well. My team was able to ask me questions and I was immediately able to answer with showing them the outcome. We all know seeing the product live versus a PowerPoint is a huge advantage.

In addition, I showed them the video on 13.1 from the CA Support Video Library to show them the new Resource portlets.

I have two more demos to do for my other IT departments and I was pleasantly surprised all went as planned. I now have the momentum to kick off the upgrade from 12.1.1 to 13.1. My maintenance team will be meeting at the end of the month to discuss any questions with the upgrade utility. I know with CA support, we will get the resources we need for a successful upgrade.
Here’s to the CA Global Community for helping me look good, helping make my job easier and supplying the resources I need to get my job done!

So when will the sandbox be upgraded to 13.1? Sorry but I have to ask but only as an excited member of its benefits.

A big big thank you goes out to Steve VanArsdale for setting up my account and Stephen Forney for getting some configuration issues resolved!

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