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HTML Portlet on Clarity 13

Question asked by juan.segovia on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by juan.segovia
Hi, recently upgraded DEV environment from one of my customers. This company was using Clarity 12.1

On that environment they have a HTML Portlet that is no longer wotking in Clarity 13.0.1

This portlet uses the following syntax:


<script language="JavaScript">
var project_code = @WHERE:PARAM:XML:STRING:/data/project_code/@value@;
document.write('<IMG SRC="RDP/' + project_code + '.jpg">');


It uses javascript to add a JPG image to the portlet. (I'm adding how it looks in 12.1)

My guess is that this is no longer working due to Clarity's new html interface.

I was wondering if you can give me any clues on this. Is this related to the interface or how Clarity now handles images as I assume or is there anything that I need to change on the javascript since this is a new java version?

I was not the original creator of this portlet and now I'm in charge of getting it back online.

Thanks in advance.