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Discussion created by claritycris on Feb 8, 2013
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First off, good day to all my Clarity friends! It's a relatively small community of professionals that at times depend on one another for answers to questions and general suggestions to quandaries and challenges we face daily.

To that end, I wanted to create this thread to solicit connections both in this community as well as LinkedIn for those who are interested. If you have a desire to expand your network please reply to this thread offering yourself up as someone who would respond favorably to such a request. If you want to 'open' network, just hit that reply thread and get started typing in your homepage link for others to find you.
To find your homepage link for others to find you just look to the top left of this screen and find the +MyCA Home tab - Click it and copy the resulting URL it gives you.  You will want to do this in another tab/window if you have already started your reply message.

My name is Cris Rogers and I can be found here:

(Chris Hackett - I hope this is OK?!?... Cheers mate!)
Thanks to all -