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BO Report performance poor compared to old actuate reports

Question asked by tnestor on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by tnestor
We are in the process of moving from Actuate 9 to Business Objects
We are running Clarity 12.1 on Websphere(Linux) with Oracle DB
Our production environment is still running Actuate.
Our QA environment is running BO CABI v3.
Our Prod and QA environments are exactly the same expect for the BO server vs the Actuate server
The BO server should be plenty robust we tried to scale for 100 users running reports all at the same time.

W have 5 custom reports written for us by CA.
The reports on our Prod environment with Actuate run in seconds
The converted reports in QA take several minutes.
Oracle optimizer gives no hints to the SQL in the newer BO reports.

But just running 1 report takes over 4 mins where Actuate version takes 10 seconds.

Has anyone experience a large shift in performance time when they went to Business Objects?

The report seems like it is spending it's time in the database but the database doesn't seem overloaded. Cpu usage stays low memory usage stays low.

I would love to hear about anyones experience.

aditional item.
The install process for BO/CABI give inconsistant results. We are unable to get through the entire installation process without an error. But usually not the same error. Any similar experience?