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Autosys R11.0 vs 4.5  umask differences - how to set  on R11

Question asked by mike.davis on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by Pavel
We are currently converting from Autosys 4.5 agent to R11.0 SP5 agents. We have found a difference in the default umask depending on which version of autosys is used to launch a batch job.

If you create a simple script on a linux server to touch a file, the default permissions are different based on version launching the job. The default umask for 4.5 will be 002, on R11 it will be 022. Since the 4.5 agent is launched via great grand daddy init, it is inheriting it's default umask of that process. We validated great grand daddy init has a umask of 002 which fits. However, since R11 is a daemon running in the background, we are presuming the default umask is matching that of root's default since it's root that starts the process on the server. But we are not sure.

Has anyone else run into this - is there a way to specify what the daemon's default umask is OR what files default permission are when they are created. Or are we correct in our assumption and there really isn't a way to fix it except change roots default (yuck).