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Monitoring Windows (epagent or perfmon)

Question asked by bwcole on Feb 14, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by Florian_Cheval
Subject: Does anyone have an agent (epagent/perfmon) that will work on a Windows OS and is updated for the 9.1 release version that they can share.

Description of Problem:
Some method to monitor OS level metrics on MS Windows computers.

The CA APM at our company is starting to spread and the question of monitoring Windows has arrived and need some advice on getting either the epagent or PerfMon agent setup on various versions of windows to monitor basic performance metrics ( CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Network, Disk IO, Process/services)

I have tried to go through the message board to find a solution but at best, they are fragmented, incomplete or basically go figure out yourself answers.


Target OS: Windows XP
Windows 2003
Windows Vista
Windows 2005
Windows 2008

I have found a very old PerMon that looks like a .NET agent that was modified in the field to support monitoring a windows OS.
PerfMon that looks like a community or field build with the following version information. I'm not sure where this came from and I have not found it on the community download or anywhere in the wild (internet)
Current version 1.1 (for .NET2.0)
v1.1 (Jacky Lee)
-Embed the built script into the install service batch
- Fix some documentation error

This project was built to run with .NET agent version

And from I extracted the "" and attempted to get it to work but it is looking for the win32/ which I can not located within any of the installers or in Strawberry I've tried to search for the win32/ perl script thinking it was a base script that may/should have came with strawberry but no luck.