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Previous attribute value in Start condition builder

Question asked by riteshkumar on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by riteshkumar
Hi All,

Here is what I'm trying , one process should start when task start date is changed. I was trying to give the condition that "current value is not equal to previous value" for start date on update event.
I have done this before, it is very simple yet it somehow doesn't populate. I'm I missing something here? It is very simple and I did it many times (in v12 though) .

The values are not populating. Attached a screenshot regarding the same.

[UPDATE] Actually, I gave the primary object as "Project" because I want to send a notification to some particular user/group etc. when there is a change in schedule of a project. If I change the primary object to "Task" the dropdown in previous attribute gets populated and I'm able to give the proper condition. But, I just want to send only one notification If the project schedule is changed :blink: so the primary object cannot be task else If 4 task's start dates are changed then it would trigger 4 notifications to that user/group :wacko:

[ANOTHER UPDATE] Will the checkbox "Do not start a new process if one is already running" do for me in this case?

Need experts advice

Thanks in advance,
Ritesh Kumar