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Admin UI store on R12sp3

Question asked by mario on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by rminnj
Assuming the admin UI is installed using the PS LDAP store as it's repository, under what level in the DS tree do the UID(s) get created? The reason being that we had to un-intall/re-install the PS and adminUI and in doing so ran into authentication issues trying to login to the adminUI.

Looking at the LDAP tree there is a "PolicySrv4" node and under that is where the SM objects seem to be but "siteminder" UID could not be found, so that's where I started to wonder where exactly does this stuff get stored. On the other hand, IF during installation the option to use an external store for the adminUI was selected, where would that store be (where would the adminUI installer create it)?

Just trying to understand how the adminUI uses the PS store to authenticate.