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Resolving the Provisioning Role Owner

Question asked by Tedlak on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by Tedlak

I have created a provisioning role and used CustomField1on profile tab and provided the Approver usedID to that attribute which will be used as the Approver when end-user request for that role.

1. I'm able to resolve the Approver mentioned above when the user requests for the provisioning role by attaching the workflow (Dynamic resolver option) to AssingProvisioningRole Event on the related admin task with out any issues

2. Instead of using the above option, i want to resolve the Approver UserID mentioned on the CustomField1 on that provisiong role when user requests for it it and the workflow will be attached to modifyUser event of the related admin task as we have customized to show the provisioning roles separated by application on profile tab instead of provisioning roles tab for end-user. is there any way to resolve it?