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External billling vs Chargebacks

Question asked by mansriva on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by navzjoshi00
Hi All,
We are using external biling in clarity and as per CA Clarity V13 release it is not included in v13 and upcomming versions.
We are trying to find a alternative for this which is talking us towards Chargebacks.
We have Set up following things:-
1.Charge Codes.
2.GL Accounts
3.Standerd Rules
3.Allocatio and % setup.
4.Credit rules.
5.Attached the charge code with project.
6.Created departments.
7.Generated involces.
8.Approve or reject involce.

Here are some questions popping up.

Invalid Chargebacks (Messages), Does not work (takes too long, shuts down the system completely)?
Collects message for every unique transaction in Post to WIP?
How to exclude transactions from Invalid Chargebacks messages?
Influence Allocation % and related jobs (investment allocations, update hierarchies)?

Please share your thoughts if you have moved to v13 with an alternative of external billing and setup done?
Also share your experiance with resect to above questions for Chargebacks option.