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Discrepencies in Role Capacity Portlets

Question asked by Rob-FCB on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by Rajini
I am trying to resolve some discrepencies I am seeing in the Role Capacity portlets.

If I look at the Role Capacity portlet (on the Capacity tab of Resource Planning), I have a role called Application Lead.

I have configured the portlet to show hours instead of FTE and am showing Capacity-Allocation, Hard Allocation, Demand, and Capacity

For this role for Feb it shows Capacity = 304, Demand = 369, Hard Allocation = 108, and Capacity-Allocation = (65)

Now, if I click on the little icon to show all of the indivdual projects that make up these numbers, for Feb it just shows a total aggregate allocation of 110 which is none of the above.

Making matters worse, is that for some other roles on the Role Capacity portlet, clicking the icon shows an EXACT MATCH between the Demand number and the aggregate allocation on the Role Capacity - Investment portlet.

The datamart is running as is the Investment allocation job.

So not sure why the difference and only on some roles.