February 2013 - Webcast Replay - Mike Risser: LeakHunter & ErrorDetector

Discussion created by MaryGreening on Feb 22, 2013
Here are the webcast recording details for the CA Wily/APM Global User Community Webcasts on February 21, 2013


Mike Risser presented "Best Practices for LeakHunter & ErrorDetector Capabilities for CA APM Agents

• when it will work and why
• what it will not do
• don't run LeakHunter in production, but if there is no alternative how to protect your environment
• how to understand what it is telling you

• how does ErrorDetector work
• the overhead, both EM and Agent
• the easy way to modify the Profile file to ignore errors

The link to the youtube video of the replay is below.
Mike's presentation is attached.