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Problems with Xcelsius obtaining Session ID

Question asked by Rob-FCB on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by Rob-FCB
I am trying to implement an Xcelsius portlet and having issues when running it in Clarity.

Portlet runs fine in design time mode and passing in the current Session ID. But when switching the SOAP Header to use run time session id, I am not getting any data back in Clarity.

In my Xcelsius design I have a sheet called ClarityConnection and cell B1 has the SOAP Header, cell B2 is blank and is used to store the Session ID, and cell B3 has the SOAP Footer. Cell B4 concatenates B1 B2 and B3.

I have my Flash Variables setup. pSessionID is mapped to cell B2.

I am hardcoding the WSDL URL in the Connection for now.

Like I said, I know it can connect in design time mode when I pass in an active Session ID, but when running it within Clarity using run time Session ID I get nothing.

Just for fun, I then exported the SWF file with the current Session ID hardcoded in the SOAP Header and then ran it in Clarity and did get data, SO it's obvious that the portlet is not picking up the Session ID at runtime and passing it to the SWF.

Anyone else experience this and get it resolved?