Discovery and metrics not being captured

Discussion created by jccowe on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by Andrew1
When discovering devices in IM 2.1.0, we have noticed that the availability metric will display 'not supported' in 9 out of 10 devices. When we go to the dashboard for those devices, the window shows 'no data'. We then return to the Monitored Inventory page under Admin and click on "Update Metric Families" on the device, after the refresh, then 'availability' will show supported and we have started to gather data to display in the dashboards.

We need to do this for almost every single device which hinders us tremendously from discovering a collection of devices as we need to ensure that we go back to every CI and click on 'Update Metric Families'.

We heard that this 'may' be a known issue but have not heard that there is a fix for this.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and is there any workarounds that folks are aware of?