CA APM 9.1.5 Rocks

Discussion created by Steve_Oak on Feb 28, 2013
You may have seen my posts in the past about slow workstation response with APM 9.1.x. Finally we have a release that after a couple of days is still performing remarkablly well. Where we were seeing 20-30 second response between metrics (even on the same server) we are now seeing less than 2 seconds for live metrics and when going from one metric in a metric tree to another has almost not lag time.

I did delete the depenendcy maps during the upgrade since we are still running a lot of 8.x agents and I figure that I may have to do that on a periodic basiis until I get all 1000 agent upgraded to 9.1.

This cluster is a MoM with 5 collectors and as mentioned a little over 1000 agent and about 1 million historical metrics.

Here's hoping that this continues!!!!