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Duplicated right names and identification

Question asked by DaniPerez on Mar 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by Dave
I am seeing some access rights with duplicated names; it happens due the Clarity accelerator installation and the cause is objects with same name but different ID.

How could I identify which right is related to one specific object?
can I use SQL queries to find the relations between rights value and object internal id?
any idea?

For instance :

Global Rights
Status Report - Edit All
value="5001522 (from web code)

Status Report - Edit All
value="5000241" (from web code)

Object information:

Object Name: Status Report
Object ID:cop_prj_statusrpt
Content source: PMO Accelerator
internalid: 5003004 (from web address)

Object Name: Status Report

Object ID: catsprjstatusrep
Content source: Customer
internalid: 5002001 (from web address)

It happens in v12 and v13