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Issue with login: SMSESSION cookie

Question asked by mario on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2013 by Msklyarov
We're running into an issue in 1 of our environments where the login.fcc goes into an endless loop - asking to re-authenticate. Upon checking out the http header trace and comparing it with another env. that works, I noticed that the main diff. is that the FORMCRED cookie does not get cleared after the FCC posts. In the one env. that works, after the FCC posts I see that a FORMCRED cookie gets generated when SM does a redirect and when the SMSESSION gets created the FORMCRED gets cleared / set to blank (FORMCRED=""). That seems to be the main diff.

Again, the issue here seems to be that the FORMCRED cookie does not get cleared but I'm not sure if that's the root cause (and if it were the root cause, then I wonder what could be causing that)

I appreciate any feedback as we are under the gun trying to deploy to a PROD env

(webAgent = r6.5 on SunOS, PS = r6.5 on Win2k. Both running Option paks)