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Hierarchical Program Portlet

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2013 by Rajini
Hi all.
I need a Hierarchical Portlet that shows a program, the program's key milestones, the program's sub projects, their phases and milestones.
- The user should be able to un-check a box to turn off phases.
- The user should be able to un-check a box to turn off non key milestones.

The code I have working on the happy path is based off of the PMO Accelerator's Project Manager Schedule Dashboard query. Unfortunately, when I 'un-check' something, this must break the hierarchy chain, for the 'sub' of that something fails to draw. This hierarchy code is a bit over my head.

A) Does anyone see a quick & easy fix to this existing code?
B) Should I just scrap it and start fresh? I've done that too, but I can't get the sub project WBSes to draw - again, the problem is my skill with this hierarchy stuff.

If someone can help get this working, this is something I believe ought to be in the PMO Accelerator. I will gladly 'open source' the finished version.