Standard/Documented order for XOGing from one environment to another?

Discussion created by marlon on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2010 by Patrick Cooper
In the XML folder (after XOG has been installed), there is a list of a myriad of XML files, but no suggested order.  Is there a standard / documented order for XOGing from one environment to another? (eg., DEV to UAT, UAT to PROD)  We're migrating to a newly installed clarity environment, so we need to XOG out all data/objects/etc. from our current one, and then XOG into the new / blank environment.   Obviously there's a specific order that needs to occur for objects due to referential integrity, etc.    Please advise the required order of all XOG objects/etc. (use the assumption that ALL objects will be needed). (eg., OBS before Groups, Groups before Roles, Roles before users, etc).