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Performance problem with query executions

Question asked by mcanovas on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by mcanovas
Hello Friends,

We are having performance problems with Clarity v13.1.
The query is calling 1.450.485 times in one hour or 402 calls in one second.

The query is:
select :"SYS_B_0"
  from dual
where exists (select :"SYS_B_1"
          from odf_audited_attributes
         where object_code = :v0
           and attribute_code = :v1
           and is_active = :v2)
The Oracle AWR report shows:
Parse Calls
% Total Parses
   SQL Id
             SQL Module
                 SQL Text
               0t2h1vbfcsjxt         bg                      select :"SYS_B_0" from dual wh...
It seems that is calling by BG module (Process or Job).

Does anyone know what is the origin of this query?

Thank you!
Best Regards.