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Three resources for a task

Question asked by pambuffetti on Mar 7, 2013
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Hi guys,
I’m new of this community and I’m new of the use of the Clarity software. I’m freshly hired by my company and my job is to try to introduce this software. (sorry for my English, but I’m Italian :*) ; I hope it is understandable! ).
I have a problem and I’m writing here to ask some help to you!
This is my situation: I have a task that, for example, needs 24 hours to been completed. To this task are assigned 3 resources that MAY work on this task, but also may not! In fact, the 24 hours needed may be done by one of the resources, or maybe two or three; because of the type of work we could not know who will be the resource that will do the job, but we are sure that to complete the task are needed 24 hours, independently by who will do the job.
The problem is that if I set the ETC value of this task on 24 hours, Clarity automatically set 8 hours for each resources but in this way all the resources have to put 8 hours on their timesheets to complete the task and this is not the way that we work.
There is a way to solve this problem?
Thanks to everyone for the answers. :smile