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Gel execution error on setDataSource

Question asked by Vic on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2012 by Dave
Hi All,   thanks for all the support and suggestions for my infancy questions on Gel Scripting.   I've written a Gel Script which returns all open issues, assignees, project, etc...  past the target resolution date, and send SMTP messages to the assignees.   This works well when executed as a process instance with the script embedded as a system action.  However, I would like test and execute via the  XOG command line and utilimately create a Job to  execute the Script on a daily basis.   I've reseached the database connections items in the 'Gel for Dummies' and Gel Tidbits on the database connection requiements; however, I must be missing something.  When executing the script from a process instance, the code works as designed.  When I  validate the script from the command line, it validates completely.      When I go to execute the script from the command line, I get the following error.     Internal error: file:/C:/Program Files/CA/Clarity/XOG/bin/4risknot:36:35: org/logicalcobwebs/proxool/ProxoolException   I've validated that I have a copy of the  properties.xml file located on my PC from the application server as indicated in the Gel for Dummies and Gel Tidbits zip file located on this site:   Local file location:   C:\Program Files\CA\Clarity\XOG\.setup\templates\config\properties.xml    Additionally, I have copied all the Clarity java drivers 'c-*.jar' from the application server and stored them in : C:\Program Files\CA\Clarity\XOG\lib   I still believe I have a database connection problem and could be missing something from the header, or it could be a path issue.   Here's the header code:
<gel:script xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""


  <gel:setDataSource dbId="Niku"/>
  <sql:query var = "v_results" escapeText="false">
     select p.code inv_code,  /*Investments fields */ inv_name,         /*Investments fields */ project_id,         /*Investments fields */
     p.status_indicator inv_indicator,     /*Investments fields */
     p.manager_id pm_id,         /*Investments fields */
     p.progress progress,        /*Investments fields */
     respm.first_name,         /* PM Lookup   */
     respm.last_name,         /* PM Lookup  

I've scoured and scoured the zip file 'Gel for Dummies' and attempted to make my code look like the examples.   Hoping this is something simple...  Any Advice or suggestions?  Many Thanks,  Vic