GEL scripting advice/suggestions

Discussion created by matpj on Oct 12, 2010
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Hi all,I am in the process of writing a GL posting 'module' using GEL.It required a new object with some GL rules and will basically read from the WIP tables match up entries against the new GL object, then write a credit and debit entry for each transaction in to a GL table and a text file.  I'm attempting to do all of this with GEL/Processes.I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice.I'm not sure whether to attempt all of this in the one script.Or break it down into different scripts etc.The WIP read requires the user to enter parameter values such as  from/to date, transaction type etc.(I have created a seperate post about how I can create a job that will allow the users to enter these parameters to feed into the script/process)  so thats it really.a bit of a daunting task  for me on my GEL debut so need as much advise from the veterans asI can get!  thanks in advance,Matt       Message Edited by matpj on 07-08-2009 09:02 AM [left] Message Edited by matpj on 07-08-2009 09:03 AM [left]