Can't work out why my basic GEL script is not returning to the console

Discussion created by matpj on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2010 by Dave
Hi all,I have written a rather basic GEL script to test some principles, but its not working!!here's the meat of the script (after the tag library declarations)The code validates and runs, but I'm expecting the query results to pour out into the console, but it does nothing, just brings up a new command prompt after a few seconds.   

Select transno from niku.ppa_wip where transdate between to_date('${StartDate}', 'dd/mm/yyyy') and to_date(sysdate, 'dd/mm/yyyy') and entity = '${Entity}'

${field}        all this is doing is reading from ppa_wip, using a start date paramater and an entity parameter.there are records in the database as I have tested the SQL in my query tool.  am I making a fundamental flaw in my GEL?I have used an example from some documentation as the basis.  thanks in advance,Matt