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Introscope Workstation Images for Mac (Now Available)

Discussion created by Chris Kline Employee on Mar 7, 2013
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First, let me share that this is not an officially supported distribution. You cannot call support for help with this.

However, using the very same files as are found in the Linux version of the workstation, I've created .app files for Mac, so you just use them like a regular app. The JNLP Web Start doesn't presently launch cleanly on Mac, so this is the better way to get full client functionality.



Pre-packaged Download

The APM Community site only allows for attachments of up to 10MB, so instead I've posted all versions of Mac workstation (going back to 8.2.3) on my dropbox folder:
. Just download the appropriate DMG file, extract it and drop the .app files into your /Applications folder like any other app. That's it.
*No guarantee that location will be permanently available.


Manual Build Steps

If you wish to make your own images, here's the steps used. If you have a linux set of files to pull from, it takes less than 10 minutes to setup.

  1. Make a shell dir for the app that you want. Name the dir after app version (Wily_9.0.0.0)
    1. Mount the dmg and copy the .app file to /tmp (it's actually a directory). May also just be able to copy the existing .app file from /Applications
  2. Copy the old image (like 8.2.3) to the newly created directory
    1. We will whack the workstation subtree, but this will retain the package format
  3. Update the Info.plist with new CFBundleVersion
    1. Keep the rest the same
  4. Go to Resources/WilyWorkstation. This is the actual wkstn subtree.
    1. Remove everything
    2. Untar the Linux version of the workstation and run the installer on a Linux VM (there is no distro that is just the files only; all wrapped in .bin)
    3. Copy over the subtree to the new package
  5. Remove unnecessary stuff
    1. Remove jre/ UninstallerData/ install/ logs/ docs/
    2. Should be about 80 mb
  6. Run to make sure it's working
    1. Shouldn't need any further customizations
    2. Mac Java version is presently on Lion (need
    3. Rename the folder to end in .app
      1. Image name should have format CA Wily Introscope Workstation
  7. Create a new image
    1. Check size of dir with du
    2. Make the image the right size (we did 85mb, custom)
    3. Format: Mac OS Extended
    4. Partition: Single partition (default)
    5. Image name should have format CA_Wily_Introscope_Workstation-
  8. Mount the image, drag the app dir that you made into it
  9. Right-click, reveal in finder
  10. Create a readme telling to drag the app to apps folder

    The <>/Contents/MacOS/Introscope_workstation script:
#!/bin/sh DIR=`dirname "$0" | sed 's! !\\ !g'` DIR=$DIR/../Resources/WilyWorkstation cd "$DIR" #echo "*****" #echo "PWD = $PWD" exec ./Introscope_Workstation

Which in turn calls <>/Contents/Resources/WilyWorkstation/IntroscopeWorkstation

I think this is the stock startup script for Linux, though I've copied it into the bottom of this page for comparison in case it ever gets trashed.