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GEL/XOG/Processes Login?

Question asked by Dave on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2010 by Patrick Cooper
I'm delving into the murky waters of GEL for (almost) the first time...  What I'm trying to do is write a PROCESS that includes a GEL script which generates some XOG to do some stuff to Clarity.  

Now this should be a pretty simple thing (and indeed I have it all working OK - greatly helped by various posts on caforums I may add).
 --But I am left with one slight concern...

Do I need to explictly "log into" XOG within my GEL process (i.e. passing in a parameterised username/password etc) - or can I "inherit" some session authentication from the process under which the GEL script is running?
I fully understand that if I'm running the GEL from a command line I need to pass username/password into the XOG, my Q is ONLY when I am running the GEL from a process.... its seems a bit overcomplicated to me since the process already has a Clarity "session" associated with it because of whoever is runnning the process?


Dave      EDIT : Just for reference, the most useful information on CAFORUMS for GEL I found in this post (i.e. in the attached ZIP file)   Message Edited by Dave on 07-29-2009 09:17 AM [left]