GEL Script Process/Job runs when not linked to an object but doesn;t run w

Discussion created by matpj on Oct 12, 2010
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Hi all,I have a gel script that runs a stored procedure which updates a custom table.It receives  a parameter from the process, which I entered on process creation.If I create a process using this script and execute it via a job (when it is not linked to an object it works fine.  I created a new process so that I could link it to a new object.I want a field from the object to be used as the parameter, so I added a query in the gel script to read an object field for the object instance.  Now when I execute the process from the object it does nothing.   It says it ran sucessfully, but my table update has not happened.Here is the code:   

SELECT dst_testerfield FROM niku.odf_ca_dst_process_test

WHERE id = ${gel_objectInstanceId}

call P_GLPOST('${testerfieldvalue}')       can anyone suggest why this is not doing anything.I tried running the query and returning    ${result.rows[0].dst_testerfield} to the console and it does return my object value.  there are no errors or warnings in the process instance on the object once it has finished...  Thanks in advance,Matt