Financial Plan XOG in Clarity 8.1

Discussion created by DSTSurbiton on Oct 12, 2010
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Was wondering if anyone could help. I am having problem  XOGing in the financial plan  on Clarity 8.1 in that when I  XOG'ed out  the  financial plan from a project  in Clarity 7.5.3 using the financial_planning_read.xml template, if I then try to XOG it back into a project in  Clarity 8.1 it comes up with the error message "Invalid Periods"  despite the  fact that  the correct periods have been defined in the entity object of that project.  Also,  when I tried  XOGing out a financial plan on an existing project  in Clarity 8.1 and XOG it back straight into the same project, it came up with the error message IndexOutofBoundException.  Any help much appreciated.  Thanks,Gsora