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Cross Process Transaction tracing full duration

Question asked by oscar.atienza on Mar 8, 2013
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I am thinking in how to show the full transaction trace duration in transaction trace ...

I have found two variables in mq powerpack extensions that makes total duration of transactions appear in transaction tracer, but it doesnt work as i am expecting .... it works in the half .... because the traces appear in the transaction tracer as they are finished, but they continue (cross process) and we dont have the full duration till the end of all transactions.

So we dont have the total duration actualized in the main trace transaction session. Has anybody has this problem? when i see the trace in the historical events it is ok, as it has all components available and it can sum all values but in the transaction tracer session it doesnt work as expected no?

As my cross process is working in the same machine, it is an osb, and its form of working is proxy request----business--proxy response (below the business in another machine is the web service that is called) but as i am tracing by user id (filtering by header) NOW!!! (from 9.1.7 jijiji) i can get the full transaction but the duration is the first component that is very fast but the total duration is much more due to business, as i have said the total duration isnt available in the transaction session, so i dont know how to show it. I am thinking in making one tracer that is setted in the first component and released in the last one, (getting the value from a cache) so it is up from all this ones, but i dont know how ..... thinking in putting a tracer in a cache after call a startTrace in the startTrace of one component and call the endTrace in the endTrace of another Component but this doesnt work as expected .... there must be some restrictions with blames or something like this :S

If someone can help me i am avaialable :)