Want to convert to an automated process without "manual XOG" ste

Discussion created by Lowell on Oct 12, 2010
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Currently, we have a Department import process that Creates a XML file that needs to be edited and manually XOG'd into the system.   The first step is:    
      Reading file named - ${vFile}
                    delete from trg_dep_obs_stage
                        INSERT INTO trg_dep_obs_stage
                      (extract_date, ID, divid, div, sdivid, sdiv, s2divid, s2div, ccid, cc,
                          load_date, status, effective_date)
                        VALUES (to_date(?,'yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss'),?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,sysdate,?,to_date(?,'yyyy-mm-dd'))
                        select count(*) as num
                        from trg_dep_obs_stage
                      Number of records insert into trg_dep_obs_stage -- "${vrec_count.rows[0].num}"
                      Error locating or reading file -- "${ex}"