GEL: string with ampersand causes confusing behavior

Discussion created by suep on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by Izraelevitz-VZW
Within a GEL script, I want to retrieve a department name and use it as a sting later in the script. I retrieve the name which contains an ampersand, but when I use the tag, it converts the ampersand to &. Is there a way to set a variable that I can use later that doesn't convert the string? See below: 
      select d.shortdesc name from clarity.DEPARTMENTS d where = 5000013  name = {xog_url_qry.rows[0].name}  ${xog_url_qry.rows[0].name}  
name = ${DeptName}   The output looks likename = Prog Dist & Internationalname = Prog Dist & InternationalBPM-0546: Custom script has completed.