Create Timesheets thro' XOG for an expense resource?

Discussion created by ispa-consulting on Oct 12, 2010
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Hello all, I have an issue when I try to XOG a timesheet for an expense resource. We manage expense resource in our project and we want to generate automatically the timesheets for them.The projects and expense resources are active, open for time entry, the track mod is 'Clarity', the time periods exist and activeSo I try to execute the following code :       lastModified="2009-10-01T20:35:04"  resourceID="BOND_007" status="3"  submittedBy="5000007" version="1" action="add">    internalTaskID="5286408"  projectIntID="5011546">               I obtain the following error message   FATAL  XOG-2016: TimeSheet with ID 5089796 doesn't exist for resource BOND_007 and time period!     totalNumberOfRecords="1" updatedRecords="0"/>   So I don't understand why the system doesn't authorize the creation of the timesheet for an expense resource because if you try to do the same operation for a labor resource, it worksAny idea on the way to bypass this?.Regards