Let's Support our IDMS Team via the CA Employee Recognition Program

Discussion created by lindajcasey on Mar 8, 2013
2013 CA Employee Recognition Program

The MyCA Community Leaders (Global Board Officers and Regional User Group Presidents) are again sponsoring a program to recognize CA employees for a "job well done". As CA customers, we expect our support issues to be resolved in a timely and professional manner. However, anyone who has ever worked in a client support position knows the frustration and stress that may come with the job. It really means a great deal to an employee to receive an acknowledgement for a job well done. So, if you feel that a CA employee has saved you from a fate worse than death, pulled a miracle from a hat, or went "the extra mile" to answer a question or resolve a problem, please nominate them for the CA Employee Recognition Program. The nomination process is open for all CA employees who have "gone the extra mile" regardless of the product(s) they support. Follow this link for more information and to nominate someone.