Gel - email notifications - sending a variable URL

Discussion created by Vic on Oct 12, 2010
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Hi All,  I'm currently developing a multipurpose gel email communications, parameter based process which has 1 step to perform a query on the Issues-Risks table and send an smtp notification.  I moved all of the logic to the start and update conditions for the process.  The second step is a custom Gel.  the Gel queries the issue/risk table and moves the generic information and gel:email sends some high level information along with a URL at the bottom to link to the Issue/Risk.  Since all of the information that I'm sending in the email notification is the same for either a risk or issue, all is good.  Additionally, since there is a column returned which identifies the contents as an 'ISSUE' or 'RISK', I can vary my output with these values and get more descriptive labels in the message.  Where the trouble begins is with making a CDATA link back to the issue object or the risk object since each of these links are totally different.  Question:  is there a known method for checking a condition in GEL and populating correctly a variable CDATA link where the entire URL is different based on some variable?  Ultimately, I can have 2 copies of the GEL (one used on the Issue Object and the other on the Risk object) with the only difference is the  URL; however, I was seeking only to have 1 rather generic custom GEL in this example.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Vic