XOG in Resource Allocations (Data Migration)

Discussion created by samos on Oct 12, 2010
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I'm currently writing a GEL script that parses a CSV file to once-off upload resource allocations from a legacy system into Clarity.  Server is 12.0.5, MSSQL.  I'm currently trying to use the xml file that comes with the cross platform installer called prj_projects_alloc_act_etc_write.xml.  At this stage, my script bombs out with an exception and no allocation placed on the project-  but,  when I take the exact same xml construct, and xog it in manually, I still get an exception, but the allocation does get set onto the project.  Couple of questions come to mind:1. Am I using the right xml template to xog in a simple resource allocation to a project (or should I be using the other "prj_projects_assignment_role_write.xml" ? When I say simple, I mean oneproject, one resource, from date, to date, default allocation amount.  2. Why would the xog client throw an exception, yet actually make the allocation to the project when I do this manually?  3. Has anyone any other pointers on the approach that I should be using to xog in a once off set of resource allocations as part of data migration.  A copy of the XOG in XML is attached, as well as the response from the xog client when I try do the same manually.    Sam.