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GEL : Accessing files on remote shares

Question asked by Dave on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on May 2, 2011 by Keri Taylor
This might be a really dumb question....  I have a GEL script and I want it to read a file (and write a different file) to a directory on a windows share.   (My Clarity servers are all windows2003 boxes)  The windows share I have access to, but not as the normal batch user (I have to set up a remote connection and provide another authorised user's credentials in order to see the share under windows).  So my question is.... can I make all this work (simply)?  Can I specify somewhere in the "GEL environment" how to connect to my share?orCan I connect to the share programatically through GEL?  orCan I connect to the share and then start up my BG service and that works?   (OK I tried this one - doesn't happen)orCan I do something simple at Windows level to set up a "symbolic link" to that share (as the other user) that the GEL process will respect?orCan I run a Windows BAT file from GEL somehow to copy the files back and forward to local drives?orOther?  (I realise I could build some process outside of GEL to do the copying/back forth, but that seems a pain)  (and I realise that   my network admins SHOULD be able to facilitate this for me.... but as far as they are prepared to go is what I have now (the authenticated user access))  Any good guesses out there?  thanks,Dave.