Gel Scripting and trying to set clientID='lowercaseid'

Discussion created by mrmikev on Oct 12, 2010
Hello folks,           admittedly, a newbie here, and trying to fix an issue where a customer record got deleted due to redundancy... leaving several projects without a valid customer code (at least I suspect this is what happened because somehow we have an uppercase clientID code in several of our projects and no corresponding customer record with the matching code... just a  mixed case version... but these do not match... so when we add the 'customer' variable to the stock projects list portlet... we see no customers associated with these projects)           Nobody wants to manually change this on a few hundred records so... I built a process/script to query/envoke_soap/xog updating the clientID variable for each problematic project...           unfortunately... when it updates, the resulting clientID is all upper case!   I was explicitly setting  a var  to mixed case in my select sql and passing it in to the xog text in my script.           In order to check that it is a xog related phenomena  I xoged out one of the problematic records, altered the .xml to say clientID="bob", xoged it back in... and when I query the db I find 'BOB'.           I'm not sure how to get past this, other than to create yet another customer with a new upper case code, go back and convert all the 'mixed case'  projects to upper case, and delete the mixed case customer.   There has to be a better way right?           Has anyone else experienced this?   Any ideas?