Invoke AutoSchedule Job in clarity from GEL script

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2012 by steveVanArsdale
I am working with the Clarity, and the intention is when the Project end date is changed, the entire plan should be updated accordingly.  To achieve this, I am trying to invoke the AutoScheduleJob from the GEL script.I have created a process with  a step containing the GEL script   "bean" className= "" />                                              obSchedulerContext }" />    I am struck with the argument that need to be passed.In the class AutoschedulerJob, the method to be invoked is public void scheduledEventFired(JobSchedulerContext _jobContext) throws ExceptionThing is that I need to create an object of JobSchedulerContext and it is an interface.I am looking for JobSchedulerContext implementation classes.  Or is there any other way of achieving the functionality.  I am also looking for all the webservices available to communicate with Clarity.  Thanks in Advance.  Sample code of GEL script is attached.