Financially enabling projects with XOG in v12sp5

Discussion created by another_martink on Oct 12, 2010
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The sample file for writing projects that comes with v12 SP5 (and with SP6) is still the good old 6.0.11.The part that has the financial information is  

    while the read result from my v12 SP5 is  


  .. custom information here ...

      The problem I have is that I don't see  financialLocation="LOC1" financialDepartment="DEPT1"  anywhere.  If the structure is changed supplying the old version of xml file sounds awfully like a bug.  The information is in the OBS section only while in 6.0.11 Departments and Locations were not OBS's  I can live with that now that I know, my problem is that I read the the project from the system, but I could not write it back to the system.  The reason was                                   Which gave the following error  id="Locations" is not valid.  which further came from the Locations OBS not being associated with any object.After associating the Locations OBS with projects the file wrote in without a single error.  Educate me:I don't recall associating the financial OBS's with the objects to financially enabled.Do you normally do that or does it happen automatically once you pick the OBS structure to be used as departments or Locations of and Entity?  Did not happen in this v12 SP5.  Martti K.