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Deployment of Introscope for Discributed Agents Env

Question asked by tante02 Employee on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2013 by Hiko_Davis
Hi Experts,

IHAC who is trying to monitor application servers which are installed on 3 different locations.

For Introscope 9.1.x, which are the recommended configurations?

1. Deploy MOM and Collectors on the same location (primary datacenter), and make agents to send performance data from its datacenter to the primary datacenter via WAN (1 Gbps).
2. Deploy MOM on the primary datacenter, then deploy 1 Collector for each datacenter. Agents can send performance data to a Collector on the same datacenter, and MOM gets data from Collectors via WAN (1 Gbps).

I found that, on another thread, some experts actully recommend to deploy MOM and Collectors on the same datacenter, but I want to know why it is recommended. (I thought we should deploy a Collector and its Agents on the same location since it continuously send all matric data every 7.5 seconds.)


Is there any architectual restriction or something?