xogging allocations with Hours not FTE or %

Discussion created by fpena on Oct 12, 2010
I currently have a need to XOG in allocations using Hours instead of FTE or %. The reason for this is the way Clarity calculates a partial month in the team details monthly view for the FTE view. Currently if you enter a value in the team details for a partial month, Clarity then takes that value and multiplies it by the number of working days in the month, then divides the value by the number of working days that remain in you allocation and puts a different percentage in the properties page, so the team details remains the same.
For example,

i have an allocation from may 23-31 and i need 4 FTE's, Clarity then takes that value and puts it in the properties page as 1680% (as that is the number of hours you would need in that week to get to 4 FULL FTE's for that month).

If I xog in 4 for that one week, it then shows up as 400% in the properties page which is .71 of an FTE (since the allocation is only for 1 week).

I have the number of hours that i need to xog in for that one week, so i'm wondering if i enter the allocation hours via XOG, if it would be smart enough to calculate the correct percentage so the end user sees the correct value in Clarity team details.

Any suggestions on how to do this would also be appreciated.

Another option i have tried to look at but do not know where the data is stored (besides the blob in prcalendar) is to find out where i can get the working days calendar. (i cannot use daily slices for this as this process can span years, and the daily slices are not set up to go that far forward or backwards due to size on the prj_blb_slice tables)